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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
First things first - there is no retirement visa for Europeans to enter the US (or any other nationalities). So,unless parents have children who can sponsor them or they can afford an investment visa they have no route for living permanently in the US.

Secondly, migrating to the US as pensioners means they have not paid into the Medicare medical system for senior citizens and, therefore, will have to pay for private, individual pension plans. These, at over 65 years of age, can be eye wateringly expensive. Many seniors, even with children in the US don't emigrate due to health insurance costs - and that is not taking into account out of pocket expenses if you do need extensive treatment.

General cost of living in the US varies enormously, depending on the State.
Thank you, Crawford, for your candid remarks. They underscore just why we don't have pensioners considering the US for retirement, and really the only reason for a foreign national to come to America is to work with hopes of attaining the "American dream," which has quickly evolved into a bloody nightmare.
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