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Originally Posted by waleed2205 View Post
Thanks whatshouldwedo; I assume this is for the second 2.5-year visa. How about for the first? Is it still as before, i.e. apply outside UK and if approved, one would receive a letter advising where to collect the BRP card (post office)?

I am getting confused before in the application, they don't ask for preference which post office to collect it from. I assume they will pick the closest to the UK intended residential address.
Your question is not clear. Assuming your query is about Spouse route - If you are asking about first 2.5 years, this usually follows initial entry clearance (e.g Fiance visa or Marriage Visa). Both Fiance and Marriage Visa is done from outside the UK.
Fiance visa allows you to enter the UK, get married and then apply for Spouse visa (FLR (M) which valid for 2.5 years.
Marriage visa allows you to enter the UK, get married, but after wedding applicant must return to home country and apply from outside the UK for 2.5 years visa.
So, you need to give more details about what your question is, and what your situation is for us to be able to provide useful answer
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