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For the year 2019-20, the quota of Visa has come down from 43000 to 18000.
The number of invites for 43000 visas during 18-19 was 23000. Keeping the same ratio of invites to quota, we are looking at 10000 invites for the whole year. Knock down 2000 quota for NZ stream, we are looking 8000 invites for the whole year.
During 18-19, 5900 Invites were sent to those who had 80 points and above, this would also included some percentage of wasted invites. So keeping all else the same ( ignore the November point system change ) we are looking at 6k invites to 80 and above and a measly 2k invites to all those at 75 for the upcoming year.
However those at 75 -80 points being single will surely stand to gain come November.
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