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Originally Posted by maaqamar View Post
Some members seem utterly downhearted for an invite for 189 at 75. Keeping in view the invitation round trends for previous years, one can see that July-March are rich in invitations and even 70 pointers invites.

Be positive and have faith in yourself, 75 pointers will surely get through till Nov-Dec 2019.
I think people are nervous because they believe the number of invites per round will be lower than other years. Add to that the backlog of very high points over the past months and they have serious concerns.

I got invited a few years back now, and saw the same pattern emerge since 2015. Each year the bar went higher, and each year people said "don't worry, it will come down again by November".

IMO they are really pushing for people to take regional visas. I suspect 189 is really only to be for the high point scorers (who I don't view as the best of the best, TBH)
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