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Originally Posted by Simbarashe View Post
Hi all,

I know this has been asked multiple times here. I have read all of the responses and i'm still confused so here we go.

1. Can one change from an Intra Company to a CSV within South Africa?

2. Has anyone recently got a CSV using IRMSA?

I am a tax consultant based in Zimbabwe and have a job offer from one of the biggest audit firms in South Africa. I'm trying to decide what's better between an ICT and CSV using IRMSA. Please share your thoughts. Thanks in advance
Not an answer to your question, but a reminder to the interpretation of the Immigration Act:

You DO NOT need a CSV to be eligible to apply for Permanent Resident Permit.

All you need is to prove you have the critical skill listed; and

if you submit your PRP application in RSA, you need to have a legal status for the whole application process.

So there is an alternative for you if you are certain that you have meet all the requirements of possessing critical skill. You can apply for a Intra-Company Visa first (it is comparatively easier to obtain), and then when you start working in SA, you can submit all the documents to apply for permanent residence permit directly on the basis of your critical skill.

It takes about 6 months or so to get the result of the PRP application.

If you get a 4 year Intra-company visa, you can try at least 3 or 4 times in SA.

However, the disadvantage is obvious. The duration of your staying in SA on a Intra-company Transfer Visa will not the counted into the 5-year continuous working to be qualified for 26(a) in the Immigration Act.
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