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Users Flag! Originally from pakistan. Users Flag! Expat in australia.

Last few months has not been welcoming for any of us waiting for the invite. And candidates like me are badly stuck. I am extremely confused and unable to take any decision. Can anyone please help me shed some light on my concern?

My DOE is 10-April-2019 and my total points is 70 for 189 and 70+5 for 190.

I am on the verge of getting married. My spouse is not skilled. Now if I declare myself married and do not claim her points then my points will remain same. Although I will get additional 5 experience points in November 2019 and my points for 189 will jump to 75 and 80 for 190. But in November, due to rule changes, 10 points will be awarded to single. I am confused whether should I claim 10 single points by not declaring myself married or should I sacrifice and get 5 points for competent spouse.

To summarize, if i don't declare myself married and I keep my status single, in November my points will be 85 for 189. On the other hand side, If i declare myself married and include my spouse in the application as well, then my points in November will be 80 for 189. To be honest, I want to take my spouse with me, but i have no crazy idea how I am gonna do this.

Can anyone please guide?
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