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Originally Posted by xabiaxica View Post
You can advertise in any or all of the Marketplace sections, which you can find from the main page

The Europe Marketplace is here

I've moved this to the Site Help section so that admin see the thread.

The individual country classified areas were removed maybe a couple of years ago. I don't know why that link is still in the side bar.
The problem is that when anyone logs into a country specific part of the Expat Forum, which almost everyone does (only newbies go to the top level), there is no link anywhere on the page that points to the Europe Marketplace.

I have posted an ad for ladies work-at-home in the marketplace, but how on earth would anyone know it is there with no links to the marketplace anywhere on the Spain part of the Expat Forum.

From the previous comments, it would appear that no-one is aware of its existence, so paying premium to put ads there are a complete waste of money. If the Spain Classifieds is not working anymore, may I suggest that instead of deleting it a simple link to the Europe Marketplace be put there.

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