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Default " Don't believe anything they say."

Not a pleasant topic about my fellow expats here, but important:
Originally Posted by Thai Bigfoot View Post
After 20 years of living here, I've found that unless a person has a real job, or is actually retired, they're here long term, because they're running/hiding from something. Don't believe anything they say.
Wise words from a 20-year veteran. Thank you, Thai Bigfoot. I'm in Thailand only 15 years, but I have come to the same conclusion.

Until recently, most foreigners in Thailand were from high-trust, Western cultures: Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Northern and Western Europe. And Japan, a very high-trust culture. But that's changed.

In the past 10 years or so, many other foreigners pouring in here from all over the world, especially from low-trust cultures: China, Russia, Middle East, South Asia (India, Pakistan, Iran).

And not just low-trust cultures in different nations, but low-trust social classes as well. Ten years ago a British football hooligan could not afford a holiday in Thailand. Now he and his mates can. It's been a huge change in expat culture here.

The locals have certainly noticed and they have changed the way they treat foreigners here, both tourists and expats. I'm seeing:
  • countless security cameras everywhere
  • plus "plain clothes" security in many stores
  • payment required before service, such as getting a haircut
  • cameras in taxis pointed inward, toward the passenger
  • taxi driver taking my picture on his smart phone
In the old days, foreigners here sometimes would greet each other, maybe strike up a conversation, perhaps get acquainted. Now (2019), nothing like that has happened to me in many years.

Other observations, please.
If you're a retired man, interested in retirement living in Thailand, you're welcome to send me a message to discuss details.
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