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Users Flag! Originally from australia. Users Flag! Expat in philippines.

Then the follow on lmao. Apart from small idiosyncrasies with local trades there in lies many stories.
Today we enquired and asked to connect satellite TV. "Yes sir we can install that this afternoon" Bengie organised all this.

They arrived,,,,,,, 4 of them, 2 that actually did the work and 2 to watch. They wanted to install the sat dish on our neighbouring 8 ft high wall, I said no, why not install on the gable end of the house then you won't need to do an underground cable for 9 metres then cable up the wall etc. No sir that is the best place,,,,, what about on the roof I ask? Sorry sir we don't have a ladder!!!!! Guess what guys, I have one and I would like it installed on the roof please. No problem and thank you for the ladder.
So they install the dish and run the cable down the roof and then want to come in under the eaves,,,,,, Why can't you take it through the roof and feed to the three outlets I asked? yes sir we can do that,,,, Thank you I said, I also suggested they bring a ladder and think about what they are doing and consulting the purchaser before making their own decisions and I'm sure that fell on deaf ears.

BTW I'm about to go up on the roof to make sure they sealed the penetrations.

Cheers, Steve.