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Davey - prepare yourselves to be disappointed on your first application.

My partner was refused a tourist visa twice simply because she was unable to 'prove' beyond reasonable doubt that she would return to the Philippines after her visit, even though she owned a house in the Philippines.

I had my own house in the UK, a good income, showed I sent her PHP 30,000 a month and guaranteed to support her throughout her visit.

She finally got her visa at our third attempt

A Fiance visa is even harder to obtain. It is almost twenty years since I applied for a visa for my second wife, who was from Colombia, but things were a lot easier back then.

I suggest you apply for a tourist visa the first time, as to apply for her to settle as your future wife, you need to prove you have an income of at least £18,600 per annum and the application form is over fifty pages long.

Even for a tourist visa, you will need to provide six months bank statements showing you have sufficient income to support her.

Sorry for all the bad news, but it a often a lengthy and heartbreaking process.

I have ended up selling my main home in the UK, buying a house in the Philippines and downsizing to a retirement apartment in the UK.

We plan to spend nine months a year in the Philippines and three months a year in the UK.
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