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Originally Posted by jollem View Post
when you apply for a visa they ask you if you have other nationalities.
Once you declare your other nationality you will still be subjected
to the scrutinies of that other country. So even if you have an SA passport
you wont have the advantage if you are still a citizen of another country.

On the issue of 'top jobs'. Normally the reason why companies says citizens
only is for BEE points. even after you are naturalised you will still not
be a BEE person because the definition of BEE restricts to only those who
were citizens before 1994. So, you will still be sidelined of the 'citizens'
only job.

But nonetheless its a good thing to become a citizen though. Because when you
have kids they automatically become citizens and you dont have to go
through the painful process of applying for visas, and PRPs

Thanks jollem
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