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Originally Posted by ojosazules11 View Post
This one didn't seem particularly feral. She just came right in and made herself at home! I have rescued some abandoned feral kittens in Toronto in the past. The mama cat had given birth to her litter in a parked truck at a mechanic shop, and the newborn kittens were moved by someone who didn't understand that this would result in the mother abandoning them. The animal shelter said they didn't take kittens that young. So I brought all 4 of them home. They were so tiny, their eyes were still closed. I had to feed them with a dropper, and rub their tiny bums to get them to go poo. My then-infant son was (finally) sleeping most of the night, and I was getting up every couple of hours to feed these little kittens!

If we weren't already chock-a-block full at our home here in Toronto, both humans and pets, I'd bring this new kitten back with us. I like the fact that she adopted my husband as her human. But the neighbours who have taken her are really nice, so I'm sure she'll be in good hands.
I have gone through the feeding thing several times myself. I have lived in my neighborhood for more than 20 years. A few months after I moved here I found 2 tiny kittens behind my apt. and that started it. A couple of times neighbor kids have brought me kittens that they found. I'm not a "people person" and prefer the company of animals so it's no problem.
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