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Originally Posted by Tim_L View Post
Same here. It would take an awful lot of grab taxi rides to match the costs of a vehicle purchase, maintenance, fuel, insurance, registration, etc. Add in the non-stress factor and the fact that Iím never responsible for anything other then the fare is a no-brainer for me. Iíll let someone else take all the risks. Iíll just chill in the A/C and enjoy the ride.
Depends of course on your lifestyle and where you live. To get our beach home from our main home, would take a 2km walk to the main gate of our subdivision, 2 taxis, a ferry and a hubal hubal, total cost P1,000. So a return journey is P2,000. Once a week visits comes P8,000 a month, not to mention the sheer hassle and time it would take, and the fact that we wouldn't be able to take all our stuff for the weekend. Round trip to the airport from our place is P1,000. My total spend on diesel is approx P3,000 a month. Yes there's insurance at P2,000 a month and maintenance another P2,000 a month. Overall there's not much in it cost wise, but i get to drive my nice shiny new pickup truck, and can take all the family including 2 large dogs. We often head off on adventures other weekends, visiting waterfalls etc. Totally impractical trying to do that by taxis and jeepneys.
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