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Thank you for giving me a quick reply. I have answered to your thoughts in red. This is my first time posting and replying so I don't know if this is the right way to do it. Apologies if I'm mistaken.

Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
Have not come across an I-795 form......

It is actually form I-797 (Decision Letter) In my case, it was approved for the time I asked to extend.

You spent an extraordinary time in the US on a B-2.

From your posting I get the impression that you are not of retirement age, and to obtain a B2 and an extention and then to apply for another extention is somewhat unusual. Being a Brit I would have thought you were eligible for the VWP.

VWP only allows a maximum stay of up to 90 days non extendable. Hence applied for a 10 year multiple entry visa and was granted permission to stay for 6 months at the airport.

If an immigration official has told you that your B2 has been cancelled, then you would need to apply for another one.

Everyone boarding the flight was asked these questions just before boarding the flight. When he said that my visa was cancelled, he did not have any equipment to check. He said he is informing me so that I don't end up wasting money on tickets if I do come again to the US on the current visa. I assumed that he told me this based on assumption/information as per the CBP. I'm still not sure if that applies to me since I did apply for another extension and paid the fees.

The following statement by you is confusing:

Just to clarify, I was in the US for a total of 1 year and I work remotely and don't need to be in any particular place for work which gives me the freedom to be in any part of the world without any work related restrictions.

I develop apps as a contractor for clients all over the world. I have a company in the UK and only transact through my bank account in the UK. This allows me the freedom to be in any part of the world without my work being affected. Also to be specific, I do not have any clients in the US and I have never approached on in the US.

As far as the US is concerned you cannot work in the US on a B2.

I did not work in the US at all

Having spent a year in the US I suspect the official thought that you had been.
He did not doubt or suspect me of working in the US and didn't even ask me about it.
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