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Originally Posted by db29 View Post
Thanks for the reply.

My visitors visa expires on August 15. If I apply to get it renewed this week or early next week do you think it will arrive before then?

If it doesnt arrive before August 15 am I able to stay legally in the country? Because it is still in process
Hi, db29,

According to my past experience, you can legally stay in SA as long as you submit your visitor's visa renewal/extension application before expiry date of the existing one, while waiting for the result.

If the application is refused, you can:
1. leave the country within 7 days (I'm not so sure about the number of days, but at least one week). You will not be blacklisted by this; OR

2. Appeal the decision and stay in SA legally while waiting for the result of the appeal.

If the appeal fails, you can leave the country within 7 days (again not so certain about the number, but one week at least). You will not be blacklisted either.

Then you can apply the visa again when get into your home country.

In terms of visitor's visa, it usually takes a couple of weeks to get the result either within or outside of SA.

I consulted with several agents and all of them said the same as above before. Just couldn't remember the exact number days you can stay after the application is refused.

If you want to apply for permanent residency while you are in SA, you need to make sure you can legally stay in SA all the time while waiting for the result of your PR application. Otherwise, the application will be immediately invalidated/refused.

Nowaday, it usually takes about 2 year for a spouse to get a permanent resident visa. So maybe applying for another 3 year visitor visa 11(6) is a better choice. You can immediately apply for PR after you sucsussfully renew your visitor's visa.

Good luck with your applications!
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