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Originally Posted by db29 View Post
Thanks for the reply.

My visitors visa expires on August 15. If I apply to get it renewed this week or early next week do you think it will arrive before then?

If it doesnt arrive before August 15 am I able to stay legally in the country? Because it is still in process
If you apply for renewal this week or next week it will surely be out before 15 August, the processing time is 8 to 10 weeks, my last renewal was processed in 8 weeks, the sooner you apply the better

If it doesnt arrive by 15 August you may stay and wait for it but it is not advisable for the following reasons

1. If the application is rejected you can not reapply without a Valid visa, you can only Appeal and appeals take very long to process (1 to 2 years)

2. If you leave the country without a Valid visa you will be declared undesirable and banned for 1 or 5 years depending on the number of days you stayed without a valid visa
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