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Originally Posted by t1dbkk View Post
Hi All,

I'm getting organized to apply for the SRRV, I will be able to get this done early to mid December, which I expect some delay due to the end of year holidays.

I couldnt figure out that once I handle the paper work, I need to sit in Manila for the 10-15 working days of processing time, or can I head to one of the touristic destinations (ie, Boracay) and just hand out there instead? More especifically

- Does airlines / hotesl / ferries, allows a foreigner without a passport (only a valid copy and perharps some documents stating PRA has my passport (if they keep it?)

- Do I need to keep on going to PRA, banks etc, every once a while during the processing time? Or once the paper work is done, its hassle free for 10-15 days?

Thank you for the help. Excited w this! Love the country
Hi t1, Lefties hit the nail on the head when it comes to most things in PH. Only time will tell but as most know it is worth the frustrations if this is where you truly wish to live.
There are a few guys on this site that have gone down the SRRV path and I have been looking at this also over the years.
From memory and what others have said on this and other sites it will probably take up to 4 weeks to process and as you wisely pointed out perhaps longer over the Christmas period. The PRA will hold your passport for the duration so you can't leave the country unless you cancel but would then have to start again. Travel within the Philippines is fine.
You will be asked constantly for your passport as I.D. especially hotels and airlines if you intend to travel so this is something you will need to sort out with the PRA.

Good luck and keep us posted, I am sure more learned people will chime in here too.

Cheers, Steve.
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