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Default In laws

I have a soon to be brother in law, who has been chatting with my wife's younger sister on line for about a year, he was here last year for a 10 day visit, and he is here now for 10 days. He says he'll marry my sister in law in a couple of years. My query is his intention. My wife and her two sisters have land that thier father left them, my wife (of 16 years), and I have built a house on this land, now this soon to be brother in law is also planning to build a house here, behind our house, and without consulting with my wife or the older sister, he wants to cut trees down to access his house which by the way there is no need to, but he doesn't care, told me he's going to do it anyway. I told there's no way in hell he's cutting any trees down. I told him he can use the natural path to the building site, without cutting any trees down. Now he's not talking to me, he's secretly going to my father in law and conferring with him.
Any thoughts on this, anyone experiencing anything like this?
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