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Users Flag! Originally from singapore. Users Flag! Expat in australia.

1 - If I am not mistaken, you have received an invitation from NSW (not DHA / SkillSelect) to apply for NSW state nomination (this is colloquially referred to as a 'pre-invite' on this forum).

You have 14 days to do this.

If NSW decides to invite you, then you get the DHA / SkillSelect invitation to apply where based on current policy you have 60 days to lodge a visa application.

2 - A bird in hand is worth two in the bush is my mantra - so I would most definitely not let this 'pre-invite' go. I would pay the $300 and apply for NSW nomination.

Then wait simultaneously for a 189 invite come 11 May.

If for some reason the 189 invite rounds become incredibly small - at least you have the NSW application moving along. If you do get the 189 invite, the $300 will seem like a small amount for hedging against the risk of not getting a 189 invite.

3 - Since they are seperate EOI's they should not affect each other, so you would still be able to receive a 189 invite even with the other EOI being assessed by NSW.
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