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Originally Posted by ralpha View Post
Thanks a lot guys for valuable info.

I am trying to get a visa for solely sitting the test and securing another 5 points myself, too. May I ask exactly what kind of documents you submitted?

I don't know if in my motivation letter I should tell the local consulate it's about immigration, attaching my Engineers Australia assessment certification. Or just pretend I have no intentions of immigration whatsoever and I take the exam purely for "XX". I don't think it is easy to fill that "XX" part though.

Hi Ralpha,
Have not come across such motivation letter when I applied online for the visa back in early 2017. But, at that time I attached my preliminary skill assessment letter along with the NAATI confirmation letter as supporting documents. In my opinion, applying for migration to Australia is a legal affair, there is nothing to hide. I do not think that there is any negative effect in disclosing to the local consulate about the reason for sitting NAATI test. Thanks!
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