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Users Flag! Originally from england. Users Flag! Expat in newzealand.

My experiences

Employment: my experience (over three employers) has been good on the whole. Employees, at law, have well protected rights, and in my experience employers tend more than British employers to publish job specifications. I would now be suspicious about taking a job where one wasn't available.

Doctor: it is true that the range of medication available is less. My wife has medical insurance and she has had to use it. The public health system is not as comprehensive as the NHS. That said, on the occasion that we've not been put on waiting lists when we've needed to use hospitals. We have not had to pay for hospital or GP visits for our young children.

Cars & insurance: I have had two cars in NZ: a 1989 Honda Civic, bought 2001 (1998 engine) 160ks on the clock, $3,000. I got another 120K out of it. Now I have a Toyota Corrola 1999, 80ks, cost $7,500. Fully comp insurance for that car is about $400, third party only $150. Insurance here does not need to cover cost of personal injury (to you or third party) because ACC covers it.

Housing:, yes, NZ houses tend to be poorly insulated. The exceptions tend to be newer, but they often have problems with rot. I agree that housing here is generally quite poor. The upside is that houses built between 1920 and 1980 are pretty solid and can take a fair bit of renovation. Properties here tend to be large.

I have bought two washing machines, both about $1000, a Bosch oven, $2600, dehumidifier $400 etc, most utilities are imported so they do tend to be expensive.

again, imported stuff is expensive, and generally there is less choice, but it really depends upon what you're after. I make a lot of food things I used to buy in Britain.

Compared to where I'm from crime is very low in NZ, property crime excepted. I certainly feel safer walking the streets.

It rains in Auckland a lot, much less in other parts of the country. Canterbury is much drier and sunnier (although colder in winter). Check
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