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Originally Posted by YashPlanB View Post
My 2 cents as I am in USA since few years and pretty much know the situations here.

TN VIsa:
The only occupation for IT related profiles is 'Consultant'. Now a days many are facing rejections on border while entering the USA. You need to have proper documentation, employer letters to get in without issues.

My friends in Canada always talk about moving to USA since the pay is less (at least 40%) compared to US. They get free health care but at the cost of high tax rates. Its not easy for them to move since they are IT developers and TN visa is not the way to get in!

EB3 Visa:
It is similar to H1B with regards to the documentation and skill sets. Fee is very less compared to H1. You can indefinitely stay in US as long as you are employed. Spouse can work without issues.
EB3 is a boon especially for people who already have worked in US and have approved i-140, since the GC priority dates remain intact, they can enter US when their dates are current on EB3 and apply for change of status through a new employer. Pathway to dual citizenship!
Buddy, it is E-3 visa ( assuming you are talking about United States work visa for citizens of Australia) , not EB3.
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