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Default Onshore vs offshore

Hello everyone,

I just want to express my feeling regarding the fairness of the grant between onshore and offshore applicants.

Not sure why DOHA does not have a sense of fairness towards onshore applicants who mostly have been here for more than 4 years. We, onshore applicants, have paid school fee, taxes, living expenses and contribute to the society by working legally but looks like DOHA does not care about it at all.

The reason i am saying this is by looking at the status offshore applicants seem to get faster grant than onshore but what have offshore applicants done to the society? Offshore have only paid for application fee and that's it. Moreover, offshore applicants often come with 2 or 3 family members and they arrive they will get full benefit of medicare while onshore applicants mostly applied solo or with a partner and have been paying for private insurance for years.

Some people can call me a jerk and talk about equality but to me, this is not fair that offshore and onshore applicants have the processing time. Onshore applicants should be prioritized.