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Originally Posted by PrettyIsotonic View Post
Congrats to everyone on here and lurking who have got their grants, especially Bandish - you've brought such a positive vibe to this forum it's lovely. All the best with your new adventure and company [IMG class=inlineimg]https://www.expatforum.com/expats/images/smilies/smile.gif[/IMG]

My partner and I love peeping into this thread, it's nice seeing the grants coming through especially since 190 has slowed down considerably.
Indeed Bandish has been the lucky charm of this thread and forum!

PI - when do we 190ers see the light mate ? Waiting for a CO call for my hkg pcc (at day 75 now) n no idea how long would it take afterwards , potentially looking at a 225-250 -300 day journey!! 😒

Just a positive that it will give x months to upskill , learn new stuff to make one more saleable
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