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Default Hello J and J- Similar Case

Originally Posted by J and J View Post
Hello Seniors,

Bothering you, as somebody might have come across such a situation ......
Had applied for the Advisory from Vetassess, for the occupation of 133111[(CPM), have my own consultancy in Construction management and design], and got a bit difficult response......

In the reply, it doubts my personal Time being spent in Design tasks (although, Ive' submitted with them an "Organisational chart", as well as "roles and responsibilities", mentioning my role as CPM), so How can I prove my claims....

Secondly, it mentions that providing Registration nos. with some Govt. authorities or Accreditation agency shall support your claim, whereas, Here in India, we don't require any Regn. with any Govt agency for a Consultancy firm (have submitted an undertaking by my CA regarding this, already)...... neither do we have any CPM Accreditation Organisation here.

Thirdly, they opine that Management of interior design fit-out construction is more relevant to Project builder occupation.....

So out of ideas about "How to go about it" ?

Please enlighten !

Here's the exact script in the Conclusion Section by them :

"Many of the tasks listed above may be somewhat relevant to the nominated occupation, however, it is noted on the company website, that -(name of my Firm), provides a range of services including: construction management, architecture and interior design. A skill assessment in this instance would involve an analysis of the proportion of time generally devoted to the performance of activities that are focused on construction project management as opposed to architectural services or interior design. Time spent providing purely architectural or interior design services is not able to be positively assessed against the occupation of Construction Project Manager. Additionally, please note the management of interior design fit-out construction is more relevant to the tasks listed for the occupation of Project Builder than Construction Project Manager."

Any insights by Seniors ?

Kindly help me decipher the Outcome, shall be Obliged ( with a Capital O)......

J and J, read through all your posts and I am in a similar position as you were a few years back. I am an architect (2003 batch) and did Masters in CPM from UNSW in 2009. After working as an employee for 5 years in two organisations (fit out manager 1 year and 2.5 years as Planning Manager) i started my firm specialising in Interior Design and Fit out Project management. Am contemplating to migrate for better family prospects.

Please let me know the outcome of your assessment and the documents provided by you.

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