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Originally Posted by Manitoba View Post
This is a country where the concept of customer service simply does not exist.

In most western places I have been you go to a shop and they will bend over backwards to understand what you need, look to see if they have it and assist you in getting it.

I have had sales clerks say sorry no stock when the item was hanging on the wall in plain sight behind the,m.

I was pointing at it and asked for it by name when she told me they did not have it.

I used a SRRV marketer who replied to my questions, I dodn't have many but the responses pre-application were all quick. I never had any questions post application.

The process only took 4 weeks and I was sent one update email without asking for it and then emailed several days ahead of my appointment to go pick up my passport card and visa.
Yeah, but even the U.S. is like that too these days compared to 20 to 30 years ago when " the customer is always right" was a motto. Then again, employees aren't exactly treated right either. If you want good customer service, Japan is awesome for that. Anyway, I'm cancelling my SRRV application for now and get my deposit back. I keep getting the run around or maybe its my fault (language/communication barrier??) Iwent to Manila a few days ago to authenticate /notarized my police report and I was told they don't authenticate here. Has to be done from the Philippines embassy in your own country(?). I'll try this SRRV thing again when I'm older and maybe I can use my DD214 in the future and deposit less?

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