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Originally Posted by Alcalaina View Post
There is no perfect place to live. If there were, the prices would be too high for ordinary mortals. Madrid (city) may have low humidity but has scarily high air pollution.

The answer is to adapt the space you live in. You can modify your dwelling, but you can't do much about the environment outside.
There IS a perfect place to live according to Guns 'N Roses and it's called Paradise City As far as humidity goes, if I'm not mistaken, the only solution is indoors - otherwise, I would've had a much better time when I was living in Istanbul where humidity is almost always above 90%. Speaking of prices though, being a foreigner contemplating buying a summer home in Spain (but not wanting to get ripped off), could anybody with local experience advise if the prices are inflated on these cottages for sale? If so, I'm looking for your advice on probably local providers e.g. ParuVendu in France where I can find better deals.
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