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Originally Posted by Alcalaina View Post
I've never known a house that doesn't get winter mould in southern Spain. The answer is to attack any patch of mould with diluted bleach immediately it starts to appear. Moisten it with a sponge and leave it for half an hour to kill the spores before washing it off - never scrape dry mould because that's how the spores spread.

Look for somewhere well ventilated, and install dehumidifiers or extractor fans if necessary. I think the room temperature makes a difference too; since we put a heated towel rail in the bathroom (left on all winter) there hasn't been any mould there.
I agree. We have not had any mould since I installed a powerful extractor fan. We also have two log burning stoves which are almost continually alight during the winter months and this keeps the house warm and dry. We also have a tubular greenhouse heater in the fitted wardrobe which is left on 24/7. It is only 80 watts but keeps our clothes aired. Being inland, we don't appear to have such humid air as on the coast and this obviously helps.
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