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Users Flag! Originally from uk. Users Flag! Expat in canada.

What I wrote about was the experience I had and it was all true, I did not embellish anything, what you have written about is the experience you have had or are now having and therefore one post cancels out the other. Not everything in this world is good for every person and there are some things you have stated that I certainly don't agree with either, but not much point in going back and forth.

You have obviously had a good experience, we had a bad one. However, I do think that anyone who is thinking of immigrating anywhere in the world should see both sides of the coin. If you are not a permanent resident and are on a work to residency visa, your prescriptions are not $1, they are more than this. Granted they are cheaper than the UK, but if you are on hormone replacement in the UK, everything you get on prescription is completely free. I am on thyroid pills and in the UK I don't pay for any prescriptions at all. I would rather pay for a prescription than a charge to see the doctor, because sometimes you need to see a doctor and you don't need a prescription, but you still have to pay. My Doctor charged $60 per visit because once again, I was on a work to residency visa, not a permanent resident. When we went to the doctor's we were told they had a waiting list for new patients, so it depends where you live I guess.
My own Doctor in New Zealand came from Holland, he left to go back because he couldn't handle the antiquated health system in NZ, his words, not mine.

Yeah, food, you can't buy pickled beetroot anywhere in NZ either. I wish I had lived wherever you lived because that's definitely the prices we paid. Where are you shopping? Pak 'n Save? The nearest Pak 'n Save to us was 30 miles away and with petrol at $1.29 a litre, it's not worth driving all that way to try and save a few bucks. If you found food prices comparitive with the UK, they are more expensive as the wages are one third less than the UK.

And I disagree with you regarding why people buy off Trade Me. Before I left 2 weeks ago, I had over 500 auctions on Trade Me as we sold everything before we left. The many people who came to my house to collect things told me that they buy from TM because they can't afford to buy from the stores, so I am only saying what I was told. You just said yourself why pay a fortune for something new when you can buy off TM at reasonable prices. (The key words here being; why pay a fortune for something new) Briscoes only has really good prices when they have sales on and I found Farmers to be expensive, I would say they are on a par with Debenhams in the UK.

How many houses have you lived in in NZ? We moved 3 times in 9 months because all the houses we rented were absolute c**p and we looked at a lot of houses and these were the best ones we could find. Of course if you are buying you can buy what you want, but the rental market houses SUCK.

I wasn't talking about a 1 year old vehicle, I was talking about a used vehicle 10 years old. How many Km's were on your 1998 vehicles when you bought them? $6,000 is a lot of money for a 1998 vehicle. My car in the UK cost me $800, it was a 1999 Toyota Corolla with only 60,000 miles on it, compared to what you get in NZ for the same price my experience has been that older cars in the UK are cheaper, my husband is a mechanic and most of the cheap cars on Trade Me are not even worth looking at. It appears you have had good fortune since moving to NZ, but I am telling my experiences because not everyone has good fortune and I was just trying to give some advice and tell people to take off their rose tinted spectacles before making such a huge move because as I said, what might be good for one person is not necessarily good for another and that's where people need to do lots of research.

Again, you are fortunate to only have a high electricity bill of $173, you have a heat pump and they are obviously more economical than oil filled radiators. My lowest summer bill was $150 and we are only two people.

Sorry, I totally disagree with you over the weather. I am not sure where you live, but we lived in the North Island in Levin, it rained constantly and was always overcast. I just had an email from my friend there and she said it has been minus 4 degrees there for the last 4 days, cold and overcast.

I never felt isolated in NZ, I too made many friends and on the whole I found Kiwi's a great bunch of friendly people. Yes, our experience was not a good one, but it wasn't because we didn't do anything to help ourselves, we were unfortunate to come across some unscrupulous people and we found to our chagrain that things are not always as good as some people make out them to be.

I absolutely know for sure that my life here in Canada will be 100% better than it ever was in NZ, I am a Canadian Citizen and have lived here for over 20 years and in all those years I have never had an experience as we had in NZ, I certainly have always been paid for the work I have done and not being paid happened to me twice, not once.

As I said before people need to do a lot of research before moving to another Country. You have posted your views and experiences and I have posted mine, they are completely opposite, but just because you found one thing to be true and I found another to be true, doesn't mean to say that you are right and I am wrong, or vice versa. People must make up their own minds, just make sure that you don't go in with those rose tinted spectacles on. You and I will never agree on NZ no matter how much we go back and forth. It may be right for you, but it was not right for us and it will be the same for maany other people too because if we all liked the same things in this world, we would all be in serious trouble.
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