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Originally Posted by Zep View Post
Now I am wondering if maybe my relatives here no something I don't. When I first arrived here 3 years ago there was some of the wife's relatives living in our house. I noticed that they always unplugged the fans, TV, cellphones, basically everything after they were done using it. I asked them why and they said it might catch on fire. I laughed.

I was sure they were full of it, and I still think that.

They think I am crazy for leaving all this stuff plugged in. They think I am ruining the battery on my cellphone for leaving it plugged in most of the time. Sometimes it is plugged in for days/weeks at a time without me even using it. Of course my batteries will probably last 5 years or more and they need new ones every year or two but it has nothing to do with them running there batteries low all the time and leaving it that way because they are afraid to charge it at night.
You shouldn't leave your phone on charge beyond full charge state, and you should in fact let it drop to a low charge before recharging. Leaving your phone permanently on charge will ruin the battery life.
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