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Originally Posted by akivka View Post
Originally Posted by akivka View Post
Hi to everyone!
Could you please advise if the work experience mentioned in “Canberra Matrix” is equal to assessed one by authorized authority or it is counted based on my whole relevant work experience in nominated occupation?

Please follow my logic.
There are two categories in Matrix: 1. NOMINATED OCCUPATION and 2. RELEVANT WORK EXPERIENCE. Wherein the Document checklist mentions assessment and CV separate for each category.

I find myself confused of how to exactly count my Work Experience. Any ideas?
Hi guys!
It's been three times since I have writen to ACT. I still haven't got any of their reply.

Can you give me any clue - What did you base on during completing the category "work experience"?

P.S. please see my previous inquiry
I don’t see anything confusing here. If that experience is not approved by the authority high chances are it’s not relevant, and you can’t claim it. If you still want to try your luck, just submit every document you think can support it.
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