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Hi all,

I lodged an EOI for 254499 Registered Nurse (NEC) for VIC state sponsorship with (60 points, 65 with SS). What are the chances to get an invitation to apply and how long would the whole process take? I am asking because I am on a student visa which would expire in 3 months time. Can you guys please suggest what should I do?

Nurses are in demand in Australia

There is a good chance that you may get a SS quick even with 60+5 points

But at the end it boils down to pure luck as far as SS is concerned
There is nothing else that you can do except maybe applying to other states as well

Hi 👋

If you’re currently in Australia, you can get sponsorship from hospitals and change to work visa (4 years). Registered Nurses are of huge demand (very well paid too &#x1f60e

Good luck!