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Users Flag! Originally from india. Users Flag! Expat in australia.

I am expecting grant in year 2019. Below is my case

ANZSCO Code : 261313(Software Engineer)
Invited: 11-Aug-2018
Visa Petition Filed on: 28-Sep-2018
Wife pregnant - Her Medical's are pending as x-ray is not advisable during pregnancy. Expected Delivery date is 22-Jan
First CO Contact : 13-Dec-2018, CO is asking for wife's medical & work reference letter from Current workplace.
Employment reference should meet below requirements
● A reference should be on the official letterhead of the company providing the reference.
● The letterhead should indicate clearly the full address of the company and any phone
numbers, fax numbers, emails and website addresses.
● The name and position of the person authorised to sign the reference should be typed
or stamped below that person's signature - a reference with only an illegible signature
will not be accepted.
● The direct contact number of the person writing the reference should be included in the
● The letter should indicate the exact period of employment, position(s) held including
whether permanent or temporary, full or part time, the main five duties undertaken, and
the salary earned

Replied on : 19-Dec-2018 in below fashion.
1. Sent a mail to [email protected] to defer the wife's medical till the child birth. I have attached wife's latest sonography report and latest gynecologist prescription report to the mail. Uploaded these docs in ImmiAccount as well.
2. Uploaded below docs to ImmiAccount for current employment proof
- Reference Letter on company's letter head. The reference letter does not have the salary details and a direct contact number of the person writing the reference as the company has a standard template.
- Salary Certificate on company's letter head
- Compensation Letter
- Uploaded all payslips contaning latest payslips
3.Asked CO to defer wife's medical by using change in circumstances option available in ImmiAccount.

Waiting for CO contact..........
ANZSCO Code : 261313

Invited: 11-Aug-2018
Visa Petition Filed on: 28-Sep-2018
Wife pregnant - Medical pending
First CO Contact : 13-Dec-2018, for wife's medical & Current employment R&R on company's letter head
Replied on : 19-Dec-2018(to defer wife's medical till the child birth & uploaded current employment R&R)
Waiting for CO contact: