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Originally Posted by XDoodle****** View Post
Originally Posted by ArminK View Post
Thanks a lot for your quick and comprehensive response. So from what I’m gathering this should be ok before my daughter is starting education which is at least couple of more years. But up till then:

10,000 housing
+ 1500 bills
+ 3000 car
+ 4000 all other shopping (grocery etc)
= 18,500 which means potentially saving 12k each month.

Sorry for asking too many questions but what’s the best method of transferring my saving my UAE to UK? I’m assuming an aaprox currency rate of 4.8dirhams to 1
Approximately, that should be close but I would expect to save closer to 5, Dubai is expensive (just as a plan, clothes, booze, baby stuff, ect), going out for two usually blows a 1000, maybe 300-400 for dinner alone for me (drinks are very expensive).

I get lazy and just transfer money out with my bank but there are a lot of exchange houses around town that will transfer at a better rate.
Thanks again.

Yeah I heard booze is expensive but neither myself and the mrs are casual drinkers so that should be minimal but your not right about the going out cost too. So maybe somewhere in between the 5 & 12 then.

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