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Hi there,

Apologies in advance if this has been asked before but I’m a newbie here..

I’m considering a job offer in Dubai for an engineering role. The offer is 30,000 Dirhams per month. I currently live in the uk (British citizen) with my American wife and 4 months old daughter. I won’t have any expenses in the uk once I move to Dubai as I’ll be renting our house covering the mortgage. My questions are:

1. Is the salary offered enough for a small family and will we be able to start saving some money every month? we don’t live a lavish lifestyle.

2. Can my (American) wife and British daughter just move to Dubai with me for my job? Or what would be most convenient immigration path for them?

Thanks a lot for any advice.
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1. How long is a piece of string? 30k is a decent salary, I have engineers on less but this will be totally "up to you". Count 10k for rent a month at least to live in a nice western expat area, another 1500 for TV/internet/utilities (at least). Car will be 2-3000 (you need one or two?). Then just groceries and going out, education costs are high but not relevant to a 4 month old, but at 4 years you are looking at another 4-6k a month. I would try to get housing and education costs covered + the 30k.

2. You sponsor them on your resident visa, both are eligible for 30 day visa's on arrival and you could do a quick visa run to Oman while you sort the residence visa out.
Thanks a lot for your quick and comprehensive response. So from what I’m gathering this should be ok before my daughter is starting education which is at least couple of more years. But up till then:

10,000 housing
+ 1500 bills
+ 3000 car
+ 4000 all other shopping (grocery etc)
= 18,500 which means potentially saving 12k each month.

Sorry for asking too many questions but what’s the best method of transferring my saving my UAE to UK? I’m assuming an aaprox currency rate of 4.8dirhams to 1
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