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Users Flag! Originally from canada. Users Flag! Expat in australia.

Thanks man. I love to share experiences, especially to help others. Helps to take a bit of stress out, when you hear about what others went through.

I also try to give a level headed advice, because we are all excited to move to a new country, especially as an amazing one as Australia. Because there will be ups and downs and challenges. It's not a perfect place, no place is. You will at some point miss your home country a lot, and feel homesick.

Moving to Australia offers a lot of opportunities, and a good life, but if you are expecting it to solve all your life's problems it won't. The better people keep things in perspective, the less disappointed they will be when challenges come up, and they will be better able to solve them.

I won't be able to provide any personal advice about education, as I don't have kids, so I haven't experienced the school system, but most people from comments on the forum seem very happy with the schooling for their children compared to some countries like India.

Best of luck in your application!

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Hey IC how wonderful of you to have started this thread, speak loads of you. Thank you so much. I hope someone from India and other countries join you to enhance country specific info. I will surely do once and if I get there. I thank you mate.
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