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Originally Posted by IGM View Post
Hi thanks for the reply. I just wanted to know what sort of place Te Aroha is. I've looked it up on the internet and it looks a beautiful place but there doesn't seem to be much property to rent. I've looked at other areas and they seem quite expensive.
If i took this job my wage would be approx. 850-900 NZD pw after tax. Would that be enough to live on for a family of 4 given near enough half would be taken up in rent?
I have two daughters 10 and 14 is Te Aroha a good place for kids they're age? Are the schools good? So many questions lol
I apologise up front. Not trying to be negative. I speak as I see it and call a spade a spade.

Te Aroha is a nice little rural town in the Waikato and pretty close to the Kaimai mountain range. Mt. Te Aroha is actually the highest point of the Kaimai range. It is pretty much (like many rural towns and villages) an old farming community that has grown and continues to do so. Te Aroha is being touted as THE place to move to in the Waikato region for people getting out of the Auckland rat race although unsure if any are acting on the hype. It has pretty good access in that you can easily get to Hamilton, Tauranga or head North for Auckland and the seaside at Waihi beach is only a half hour drive.
Personally didn't consider Te Aroha or any of the other rural or inland towns/villages in the Waikato as we wanted to live close to the beach and not be inland.
It'll all depend how comfortable you would be living in such a small town/community ?
There are other options as you don't necessarily have to live in the place you work. There are other similar rural towns nearby that are bigger and offer better facilities and amenities - Cambridge is a very popular place to live in the area and has a proper town centre with many shops, bars, cafe's, restaurants plus decent supermarkets and bigger stores.
No surprise that you are struggling to find a decent rental in Te Aroha or even the surrounds and the ones you can find are expensive. Small rural town with little demand for rentals. Work wise there isn't much pull for people to live in Te Aroha.

Your talking about an annual salary of approx $58-$60k ?
I have no doubt that a family of 4 can survive on such a salary. It all depends how you live and what you are happy to be without. We are a family of 4 and considering renting instead of owning, in all honesty we couldn't live on that salary. There is no doubt in my opinion that it will be a tough existence here for a family on that wage. You may be able to keep the bank balance in the black (just) but you won't have any funds for enjoyment or savings or as a contingency. You'd be living pay to pay and would have to be bringing over a decent pot to set yourselves up and keep for essentials.
Like you say, you'll be losing at least half of that each week in rent. What about all of your other costs - Mobile phones, contents insurance, utilities, refuse collection, digital tv, broadband, running a vehicle, car insurance, activities for the kids, school fees, groceries, visiting the GP and dentist etc. Rent only covers rent - nothing else. So many other things need to be paid for.
Don't underestimate how much it actually costs to live in NZ. Great place to live, great place to bring up kids, but it all comes at a price unfortunately.
Happy to share specific fees if you need, either on the open forum or via PM which becomes available after you have posted 5 times.

Whether or not Te Aroha will work for your kids is all subject to the kind of people they are. If they are in to rural life or happy with small village life they'll be fine. If they are always surrounded by friends and have an active social life - e.g. cinema, bowling etc etc then there won't be much going on or much to do - especially after dark and Hamilton will be too far away to make going out a regular thing. It is possible they'd be bored to tears, but as I say they could love that lifestyle or hate it.

In general you won't find any problems with schooling in NZ. In my experience they are pretty good, however the style of teaching is different a good way in my opinion. It allows kids to be kids which is always a great thing to behold. Majority of schools are zoned unless you are talking rural schools then they are generally accepting of enrollment from people living anywhere and are not zoned. All schools in NZ attract fees, but that depends on the school. In general, a state run school will cost maybe $300 per year. That will generally cover enrollment and stationary. On top of this you'll have to pay for uniforms (if they have a uniform) and any school trip fees, regular clubs they want to attend etc.
The higher the decile rating of the school the less money the school receives in funding per student from the government which may mean, as a parent you have to be involved more, fund raise more and may have extra (voluntary) fees to pay if the school is of a high decile rating. This decile rating has no resemblance to how good the school or its teachers perform. That info comes from the ERO report that is done every 5 years.

I've always said (in my 6 or so years as a regular on this forum and through experience) that a standard family with 2.5 kids need to be making at least $100k per year to have a decent quality life living in NZ (not Auckland) and at least $120-$125k in Auckland.
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