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Originally Posted by Manitoba View Post
What you are suggesting would ad another category with either some complex rules to determine eligibility for "committed expat retiree" or would introduce a wide measure of discretion to some local bureaucrats to use to categorize someone as a "committed expat retiree" to get around some relatively simple rules now.

I like that the PRA is inflexible in its rules. IMHO that simplifies things, I wish other government agencies were just as inflexible. That way you can simply read up on them and see if what they offer is for you and if you meet o0ne of the required categories and then make a rational decision that will succeed on its merits not on the whim of some bureaucrat if you meet the complex requirements of "committed expat retiree".

For the alternative take a look at the LTO. Officially you need to have a visa good for longer than one year to get a driver license here. There are lots of reports pf people either renewing their license when they do not have a visa good for more than a year or people actually getting new one on tourist visa's.

Simple rules, clearly explained and inflexible in their enforcement means predictability and stability. Complex rules, with lots of exceptions, poorly explained and randomly enforced means confusion and disorder and opens the door to potential corruption and other abuses.
Yep I agree, perhaps only dreaming for an easier solution. Definitely another category would confuse things even more considering the lack of information within the existing 5 categories.
Like a recent post I submitted with regards to the fine print on a lease and title was only discovered by fluke and not readily available to those seeking to go down this path with the PRA nor the fact that one deposits 20K or 50k depending on age, pension or no pension is there any thing I can find delineating these figures and the ability to convert deposited funds into property or leases, again whether 20k or 50.

As said I am happy to go down the tourist visa route until I decide to draw a pension from my superannuation, then I may consider dropping 10k into a hole. Other things may happen along the way, who knows?

Cheers, Steve.

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