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Originally Posted by fareedqazi View Post
Dear All,

My wife is planning to go on Study Visa for PhD in NZ and myself on work visa and 2 kids of 6 & 12yrs age.
My question is as I got to know that leaving kids less than 14years old at home without any adult is an offence in NZ. So wife have to go for Phd and myself on job what could be the possible options where we can leave our kids.
Are are any day care options or any other cheaper options which you people could suggest.

Thanks in advance.
Hmm not really an offence in NZ to leave a child less than 14 years home alone although that is the guideline age. It depends on a number of factors. The law isn't that clear. There’s nothing specific in the law about kids walking/cycling to school alone or going to the park etc. What the law does say, and here’s the important part, is that when a child is under 14, you (as the parent or guardian of that child) must make reasonable provision for the care of the child so in the eyes of the law it how "reasonable provision" is interpreted.
Both of your children are of school age, and given the assumed period of your NZ visas, it will be an offence on your part if your children are not in full time education for the period that you are in NZ, which may be normal school or home schooling etc. Assuming you abide by the law then the periods when your children will need care outside of full time education will be limited and if your children are off school on half term then so will your wife as she will also be in full time education.
During term time when your wife is studying and you are working you may require before and after school care for your children and you may require child care on other days where your children aren't at school but need looking after for the day and it all depends on your location really. Some locations have lots of options for before school and after school clubs and other childcare facilities and groups while some locations have very little.
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