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Originally Posted by sunilkk View Post
Hi Escapedtonz,

Do you believe that it is better to approach recruitment agency especially when we are new to New Zealand and visit on Job Search Visa as it is critical to get a job on priority? Also, could you please suggest some better recruitment agencies and do we need to pay them to help us in getting a job or the employers will pay them once we are selected?
All depends on your industry and the number of vacancies available. I'm not the best person to ask in regards to recruitment agencies. They do very little in my opinion unless you are a dead cert. I had one once but sacked them after a couple months and did it myself. They just weren't doing their job.
Never ever pay a recruiter.
They earn their money by means of commission from the companies who they are working for. They filter through all the applicants and potential employees and only present the ones that are suitable and in return they are paid a fee. If one of those people are subsequently employed they will earn a fixed fee or a % of the agreed salary. Lucrative business if you know what you are doing. In my experience the agents try to fill those vacancies taking the least amount of time possible to maximise their return. They aren't likely to spend hours and hours trying to find you a job. They don't work for you and aren't paid by you. They work for the companies with the vacancies.

I'm unable to suggest any. I only have experience of a couple and they usually specialise in certain industries.

If you look at job adverts on Seek you may see that the job application goes to an agent and not directly to the company. You could just get in touch directly.

Once again - DO NOT pay anything to a recruiter. If they are asking for your bank account details or payments - it's a scam.
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