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Originally Posted by burette View Post
I think it is too early to pop open the champagne. While Dutton will be gone from DHA, the ruling party will still have to appeal to its core of conservative supporters, so I am sure that nothing will change with immigration numbers. But it should not get worse for now.

Also, this is probably just the start of the end for Turnbull. It's just a matter of time before there will be another leadership challenge. Earliest 2 to 3 months down the road - definitely before the polls. If Dutton gets in then, expect things to get worse then.
There's speculation he might mount a proper challenge as early as Thursday as well - Dutton that is.

Don't forget there's that Section 44 controversy with Dutton too, whether that is something substantial or just a clever smoke screen by Turnbull is left to be seen.

All in well played by Abbott in the background in undermining Turnbull since he was ousted, and earlier still, since their sparring on energy policy when in opposition.
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