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Hi Sunny,

What was the reason mentioned for negative assessment? Re-assessment can be applied for but the reason for rejection is important to know.

With a reassessment, kindly note the below:
- cost will be almost the same as a fresh original assessment
- the vetassess will be performing a detailed check. You will have to provide stronger evidences to prove your case. They will call your past organizations, HR, references, etc. The new reverification office will cross question them. Better provide quality references
- usually speaking to the case officer is of no use but you can call and ask them the reason for the rejection. Your file will be closed already and it cannot be reopened in any case. There are specific time slots wherein they will answer your queries on your case
- by changing profession it may not necessarily be a good idea. Your roles and responsibilities are already defined in your first assessment submission. By submitting a new one, if it contradicts then they will consider it as an integrity issue.

Hope this helps

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