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Originally Posted by scottellis392 View Post
Hi Folks,

I'm looking to emigrate to Canada from the UK in Spring 2019. What is the best strategy for gaining permanent residency?

1) Progressing an Express Entry application (assuming I qualify for enough points)
2) Receive a job offer from a Canadian company? i.e. would a job offer circumvent the lengthy & costly application process...

Many thanks in advance!


I believed i replied to your inquiry somewhere here in your thread and unfortunately its no longer here. I dont know why but again, regarding your inquiry.

You can take either, difference is that #1 it has 5 years residency visa, for #2 you're gonna get a working permit visa which is 1-2 years only. Also, having gone a Express Entry Program, you'll be able to apply for citizenship if ever you stay in Canada for 3 years, which means you'll be getting a passport of the country.