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Originally Posted by TundraGreen View Post
I use my Mexican address on my IRAs. It is the regular banks that seem to have trouble with a Mexican address. I changed one bank to my Mexican address then couldn't do something I needed to do, I can't remember what it was now. So I went to change the address to a US address and they wouldn't let me do that online. They said I had to show up at a branch in person. It was a nuisance until the next time I was in the US when I switched back to a US address. In all of the conversations, there didn't seem to be any concern or interest in where I actually resided. It was all just about what I used for a mailing address.
Interesting that you say that. My wife and I have been living on IRA savings and SS benefits for years here in Mexico. One day it occurred to me that should I die or become incoherent (can the jokes, please’), my wife might need access to my IRA savings so I called my brokerage house and the answering operator glibly informed me that that would be no problem as all my wife had to do was come to San Francisco to sign some forms to get access to my IRAs. It happens that my wife holds dual citizenship in France and Mexico but has no right to enter the U.S. without an appropriate visa,a contingency That was unacceptable to me so I withdrew the balance of my IRA accounts and placed them in our joint savings account.

Do not presume you know the answers to these critical questions because the regulations are a snake that, sight unseen, can bite you in the ass.

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