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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
Are you aware of the financial, relationship and accommodation requirements that YOU need to fulfill in order to obtain a settlement visa for your girlfriend/fiance/wife? (whatever she will be when you apply)

You should read the following website carefully:

Your "partner" would be applying as partner or spouse.

Basically, YOU as the Brit, will need to be earning 18,600 GBP per annum or above to qualify under the financial requirements.
I am sure,,,,, one would hope after all the feedback within this thread to the OP, he has taken relevant info onboard and acts accordingly. Hope so. (see a migration specialist, do yourself and your lady that simple curtesy)
Interestingly though I see that the UK requires an IELTS test for residency,,,,,, a good call perhaps but one that was not required for my partner in Oz,,,,,,, It would have been another hoop to jump through, mind you my better half has good english and comprehension or he wouldn't be working within the government here in Oz. Do hope that Mark is aware of this requirement to get his lady to the UK. His lady has a year or two to accomplish IELTS so head down etc.

Only from my experience and one similar in Oz and the UK apart from IELTS. Time, lots of time is required to fulfil immi requirements, this time spent requires lots of love, plenty of patience, commitment and plenty of cash.
Now while I see the requirement of GBP 18K some 33 or 34K aussie dollars this is a very low requirement and should be easy to surpass.
What skills does the OP's lady have? Is she going to be the proverbial housewife or can she work and contribute to the relationships future and her own betterment/independence? Or just wait at home until the OP passes on? What then?

Regardless we or most of us have been there etc and did what we did, got burnt or not, Mark has to do what he thinks is now right for them but one hopes it's not the second brain controlling the decisions, as said good luck and it's probably time to put this thread to bed (poet and I don't know it) and let the originator of this thread move forward and prosper, I am sure if his lot is a winner we will hear about it.

Cheers, Steve.
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