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Originally Posted by bigpearl View Post
I posted this 5 days ago:

Good info Joe, interesting story also.....busted.
You can also find out if your lady or man is married without going through the hassle of engaging an investigator.
But you need to have the following info set out here:

Then the application and fee of PHP 415.00 here: Click on CENOMAR not marriage.

Cheers, Steve.

I stand corrected as the fee appears to be PHP 465 now.
Regardless of this post and your post joe I doubt the OP will have enough information to apply for this as he will need info from his lady and could be told many or any thing that suits.
I think as the OP has looked into a PI then perhaps his answers will come that way whether good or bad, it is then his decision.
A difficult situation as only the OP knows all the info with regards to his lady and shares little of that knowledge with this forum or appears to be somewhat guarded.
Good luck with the PI mbeast and I do hope all is good, I am also glad that you have pricked your ears after all the replies here.

Cheers, Steve.
i'm going back in 4 weeks for a month and informed my lady i could extend my visa to stay a year which she is delighted about even though i've told her we would have a strict budget and hopefully i will then know everything i need to know and have everything sorted so i can get her a visa when i return home and have proof of our relationship etc.

sorry if i've seemed a bit guarded, to be honest i don't know what information would help to give on here that would also help.

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