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Originally Posted by Asian Spirit View Post
Congratulations for sure. Yes it will take time but usually not too bad. Visit with your immigration office there where you live and they should be able to give you a time frame.

In the US, a fiancee visa usually takes between 3 and 5 months to get done. In the US they look at the previous two years of income and makes no difference how long you have known each other. Mostly through letters, emails, photos together, receipts from expenses here they just want to be sure you have a true working relationship.
You might decide to move over here and stay also. Cost of living here is much lower than your home country and none of that cold fog all the time.

Again, visit or call your immigration service there to get accurate requirements and other information.

best of luck for sure..
thank you.

I guess I will have to visit or call the UK immigration services soon but hoping someone from the UK might be on here to give me a idea, as a bus driver i spend most of the day working.
I did email the UK philippines embassy for some information but still not had a reply.

If cash wasn't a problem then I think I could live in the Philippines easier than getting my lady to the UK but i could only last around a year until funds ran out and i don't have a clue what i could do to make a living etc there.
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