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Originally Posted by JRB__NW View Post
Oyy, I really urge caution, for your sake. You haven't shared many details about her, your age gap, where she's from, etc.. but in this country two weeks simply isn't enough time to make a decision like that. Things are often not as presented.. Of course I understand from personal experience that one gets knocked over by these beautiful, friendly and (sometimes) caring women.. but all is not always as it seems. There is no woman more efficient at extracting support than a Filipina.

Just as an example, do you know for a FACT that she is not previously married? Many Filipina's will claim to be single (and are for all practical purposes) but upon further investigation are actually previously married and since there's no divorce, the man either has to try to get her previous marriage annulled or give up bringing her back home. Or in a worse case scenario, the husband or local boyfriend is hiding in the background. Ask to see a CENOMAR (certificate of no marriage). There may also be children, whether or not she's married. I'm not trying to scare you but these things happen all the time.

As I said I have no knowledge of your situation but simply urge caution. And I wish you the best. I hope it works out.
Yes there is JRB and it is Thai women. If they were put in a race together, there would only be a short half head in the result. Good idea about asking for proof of divorce if relevant.
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