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Default Newbie in need of advice?

I am a 28 year old middle class student majoring in Graphic Design from America and want so badly to move in the next two to three years to Italy. I have been to Rome a few times and love it, the atmosphere is like a dream to me, a world created for people like us that wish to live their so badly. I have a few friends in Rome that I made during my visits, but I don't speak to then hardly at all, what I need is tons of advice on how I can realistically make this dream reality. I'm totally a newbie to everything as far as moving overseas. I should be getting a book, Working and Living In Italy, but I would love to hear from those that made it, I love to read the stories they are so inspiring. I have an Idea on what the technical details that must be done in order to make the move, I would love to hear that advice as well as anything you can't get from books or whomever,the advice from those that made it and the ones like me who are trying. Thank you.
I am in the process of learning Italian, I hopefully feel I will be fairly smooth with conversation by the time I leave.

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