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Originally Posted by parichay View Post
Dear Friends,

I've received a job offer to move to Dubai and I seek your expert advice, If the following compensation look good for my qualification & experience? can I take care of my family with a quality life with this salary? I guess this way below the standard...can anyone please suggest an appropriate salary range to negotiate with the employer. I think they are testing the water . I'm currently enjoying top grade salary in india with 40% higher compensation package above the industry standard .

I'm a Lifescience sales & technology support expert with a Genetics PhD degree, MSc. in Biochemistry & 8+ years of sales/marketing/ product support experience with top brand global organisations. Working experience from India only.

Employer: Reputed supplier of Biotechnology & Analytical instruments with HQ in Dubai.
My Role: Technical Product Manager to support sales team, Marketing & presentations, sales forecasting
My job offer include:

Base salary: 60,000 AED per year
Accomodation Allowance: 48000 AED per year
Car Allowance: 24000 AED per year
Travel allowance:12,000 AED per year
Health Insurance: included
Flyback to my home country : maximum of 1700 AED per year - paid at occurrence
21 Days annual leave after 6 month probation

Bonus : upto 30,000 AED per annum

TOTAL: 174,000 AED per annum
Travel: Need to travel to MENA zone more than 50% time in a month.

With a monthly income of: 5000 + 4000 + 2000+1000 = 12000 AED, is this possible to have a good life and raise my family? I have one wife (she won't be working, No kid).

I would really appreciate your help if you can guide me with a reasonable salary range which i should accept to enjoy a quality life with some saving.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards.

Parichay Gupta
Ive known of junior level sales managers in the med device / life science distribution making about 15 - 18 k month. With your qualifications and experience, the offer seems way too low. If you're making 40% over industry standards in India, is this even higher than that pay in absolute terms?
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